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About Cidadel

Cidadel will empower the City and the community by implementing a Socioeconomic Platform that will give the individual residents the opportunity to earn Cidadel City Cash (local currency) through on-demand labor, community education, and prosocial actions. It will also strengthen local businesses by increasing domestic consumption and improving community relations. The City will benefit by reducing local economic resources outflow, improving import replacement, lowering natural resources usage, supporting social equity and promoting sustainability.

Mission Statement

Cidadel empowers the City and the community by implementing a Socioeconomic Platform that supports social equity and promotes economic sustainability.

Vision Statement

Every resident has the opportunity to have community education, earn extra income, become more socially conscious, and feel included in the community. Local businesses have the chance to increase domestic consumption, improve community relations and access local resources.


Socioeconomic Platform

The platform consists of an interaction between City Residents, Local Businesses, City Cash, Community Education, Prosocial Rewards, On-Demand Labor, City Perks and Key Partners.

City Cash


City Cash is a local currency that utilizes Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. It will be implemented in partnership with a financial institution. The value of Cidadel City Cash will be based on the individual resident’s income and demographics; it won’t
be speculative.

On-Demand Labor


Cidadel will give the opportunity for the City residents to find On-Demand Labor in the City, and they will be compensated in Cidadel City Cash.

Community Education


Subsidized by Cidadel and Key Partners, the City residents will be able to earn Cidadel City Cash as rewards for their accomplishments in non-formal education, including civic and moral, financial literacy, health promotion, environmental literacy and soft skills.

City Perks


In collaboration with the City and some Key Partners, the City residents will receive a selection of perks through the platform, including free parking, bus rides and more.

Prosocial Rewards


Cidadel will reward City residents with Cidadel City Cash and City Benefits for prosocial actions that can help improve the community and the environment, including decreasing water usage
and electricity.

Key Partners


Local Business, City, County, State, Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Private Banks, Community Banks, Credit Unions, Utility Companies, Community Foundations, Chambers of Commerce, Business Incubators and Local Media.

The B2B Program is part of Phase 1 on the Cidadel Socioeconomic Platform implementation process. It will consist of a system that will improve the local supply chain.

B2B Program


Founder and Advisory Team

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Founder, and Marketing and Business Development


Alex Vaz is a marketing and business development leader with over 20 years of experience with a deep-rooted passion for innovation, technology, and social welfare, possessing a vast background in delivering strategic brand awareness and growth solutions to local and global audiences. He also has national and international experience working with for-profits and non-profits.

Finance and
Accounting Advisor


David King is a finance and accounting executive with over 20 years of experience in the dynamic start-up community in Austin, Texas. He has been the co-founder of angel and venture-backed tech start-ups where he was instrumental in developing the vision and the financial/operating plans for each company that led to successful funding and multiple exits to public companies including CMGI, Digital Impact and Sony. David hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Texas and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is also a CMA, and soon to be CPA.



Cassio Goldschmidt is an internationally recognized information security leader with a strong background in both product and program-level security. His past leadership experience includes services at AON/Stroz Friedberg, NCR Corporation, Intuit, Superplayer, Symantec Corporation,
and Cisco Systems.

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Education and Community Outreach Advisor


Aaron Girdner has been teaching business, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship in Santa Fe for over nine years.  Prior to that, he worked in for two different manufacturing companies for a total of nine years, gaining extensive experience in sales, customer service, materials management and purchasing.  Aaron holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from New Mexico State University and a Master’s in Human Resource and Labor Economics from the University of New Mexico.

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Urban Planning


Suray Suman Nathan received A.A., in Public Policy from Santa Monica College and B.A., in Political Science from UC-Irvine. And he is receiving his Masters in Urban Planning from Cal State-Northridge. He is passionate about development that balances the needs of the public and the private with sustainability as the core underlying principle.

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Technology Development Advisor


Andres Paglayan brings knowledge of software as a service development, entrepreneurial, and real state development skills. He co-owns EMR-Bear behavioral health record system. Previously, he was Director of IT at Women’s Health Services and an IT consultant and trainer for the Supreme Court of New Mexico. Andres emigrated from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Santa Fe with his family in 2001. He was an MD degree candidate in Argentina and obtained his RN degree in New Mexico.


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